General Gameplay

1. Starting the game.
2. Game flow.
3. Special considerations.
4. Ending the game.
5. Winning!

Starting the game.

The Count Motorcycles® game starts when all players agree to start. Just say "Count Motorcycles,!" From that point until all players decide to stop, every motorcycle you see is worth at least one point.

Motorcycles that are commonly called "scooters" are considered motorcycles for the purposes of the game and are treated no differently than any other motorcycle when awarding points.

Game flow

When a motorcycle is spotted the player should say out loud "Motorcycle," "Motorbike" or "Scooter!" (Remember, "scooters" are considered Motorcycles in this game), and point out the motorcycle to other players.

  • The spotting player must point out the motorcycle or no points will be awarded. An example would be:

    "Motorcycle! In the other lane behind us!"
  • If any points modifiers apply the spotting player should say so and why. For example:
    "Motorcycle! Three points, in the intersection!"
  • If you spot a motorcycle but another player says "Motorcycle!" first, that player is awarded the point.
  • If two players say "Motorcycle!" at the same time, each player is awarded one point.
  • Points are only awarded for motorcycles that have a rider on them. Parked motorycles do not count unless there is a Rider on it.
  • Pointing to ensure that others see the motorcycle is necessary but do not distract the driver.
  • Drivers are the only players that can get points by spotting a motorcycle in the mirror.
Special considerations.

Since the Count Motorcycles® game is normally played while driving, the game should stop under the following conditions:
1. When emergency vehicles are nearby and are trying to pass.
2. If you have been in an accident.
3. If you have a flat tire or a breakdown on the side of the road.

Ending the game

The game ends when the car is stopped. Players can decide if they want to keep the points they have or start from zero for the next game. The game can also be ended by mutual agreement of the players at any time.


There are at least three ways to determine the winner. Players must decide what to do with the points by deciding the game style. There are three main styles:

  1. • Non - cumulative - "punch buggy" style

    Every point equals a light punch on the shoulder.

  2. • Cumulative - Winner

    Winner gets to chose the movie, where to get dinner, etc.

  3. • Cumulative - Loser

    Loser buys the drinks, takes out the garbage, gets thrown in a mud puddle etc. Be creative.